Dinner Theatre


World of Dance Show

The world of dance is a show that contains 15 to 20 countries of all different styles of dance! Depending upon budget the show can be made up of 4 to 10 dancers each dance comes out as a solo or duo. They are danced in that costume for that country appropriate for that dance. This show is a 45 minute to an hour show that takes you on a journey all around the world to see different cultures in a fun exciting new way.

Zoltar Box

A genie in a box!  You ask Zoltar and he will answer! A live comedian that comes to life as you come up and push the button he comes to life. His answers can be customized to the company or the theme of the event. So much fun and always a huge hit!

Wild Wild West Show

This wild wild West show sure is wild!  It as cancan dancers, comedy, Cowboys and the Cowboy shuffle! This show takes you back in time to a vaudeville style of Comedy, saloon dances, and a good old fashion shoot out! It is an interactive show where the audience gets to be involved with shouting out answers and even do a little dancin! Yeehaw come on down the price is right!

This show can be done with 6-10 players

Arabian Nights Show

45 min show of 4 dancers doing Arabic, Bollywood, Belly dance, and group Egyptian dances! Very entertaining and beautiful to watch the scarf dancing, bar, bells, and feathers.

USO Show

30 min song and dance veterans tribute show. With two of the top singers in the State singing Patriotic songs and honoring America with some of the best songs representing our history. In between the songs they throw in some America Trivia making the show a fun interactive delight for all ages. Take a trip back in time and sing a long.

Clue Show

We have the most amazing Clue Game Characters that look and dress just like the game portrayed them to be! All of our Players are professional Improv artists and Walk around characters with years of experience. Each character can tell you all about their entire lives and some fun facts about the others. There's always a mystery and lots of fun!

Can Can Show

For the Can can show can be anywhere from 15mi. To 2 hours. The can can people are very well versed in all dance so adding a country swing in or clogging isn't an issue. We also do a couple old time western numbers that are sung acapella which even if they do have a country one man band singer it's nice to hear a 1.5 minute acapella 4 part harmony old time song to add to the festivities if it seems appropriate. There's all kinds of options when you have dancers that can sing and dance all types of styles!

Decades of Dance

Starting in the

1910’s! Can Can dancers

1920’s the Charleston

1930’s Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers

1940’s bring on the Swing!

1950’s Grease medley

1960’s Do the Hustle!

1970’s Disco at its best

1980’s MJ Thriller

1990’s Will Smith

2000’s  *NSYNC

2010’s Brittney

End the show in the future Matrix style

Lots of costume changes and lots of fun 45 min show!

SNL Improv

Fun skits done with an Improv flare! We have an audience host that can be pre picked or volunteered at the beginning of the show. We can write the show so it is personalized to your event and people! It’s non stop laughter and a show you will never forget!

007 Show

Doing a Casino Royal or 007 event with the gambling tables but it just doesn’t seem enough. This show is your answer! We have the Las Vegas Show girls in fabulous costumes around the tables having random conversations with the guests. We have a dealer set at one of the tables that’s really smuggling illegal art work into the country. We have 007 casually playing the games to find who he’s after. Then there’s the girl who had just to much to drink but is there to kill the spy. It’s a fun series of events through the night ending in a choreographed fight scene with one of the guests being the hero along with of course 007! This show adds excitement and thrills to your evening and makes your event larger than life!

Battle of the Sexes

This is a team game that is 45 min long that consists of three very fun games with in itself!

The first section is trivia that the other sex would know!

Next up Family Fued then Name that tune! Throughout the game ea team has a chance to earn extra points with little challenges. This is always a hit! It never fails. Can also be played with two teams that would not be just men against women.

Murder Mysteries

We have over 250 murder mystery‘s to choose from! So if you have a theme of 1920s we got a murder mystery that happens at the Jasper club,  that Gin joint that you must know the secret password to get in! The patrons find random clues throughout different rooms or one room depending on your preference of location, they solve the mystery together in small groups. The Mystery players put on scenes throughout the evening dropping clues so they can solve the mystery!

Spy Games

We train you to be a spy! How good are you at walking into a room and noticing every detail? Did you see the woman in the room against the wall? Or the server that just doesn’t act quite right?

Weird Science

Comedy Cooking

Color Me Tye Dye

Whoville creations

Where the Wild things R


Forged in Fire

Bird Box challenge


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